IN DEWITT’S FOOTSTEPS is a hauntingly beautiful journey along the Erie Canal and through an important piece of American History. The narration by Silber is deftly handled, making for an enlightening and entertaining read, and the photographs by Gruel are mesmerizing. I’ve bought copies for my father and uncle, who are history buffs, our local library, and my coffee table. The vibrant green cover, which catches my eye as I pass through the living room, serves as a reminder of the iron will, ingenuity, and dedication of those who built our country, DeWitt Clinton included. Silber’s tie-in to his son, a descendant of DeWitt Clinton, both adds warmth to his essays and subtly speaks to the potential for future generations of Americans to make this country’s future just as bright as our past. — SeaShell15, Amazon review

The writing is full of personal connections, passion, and adventure. The pictures are beautiful and well-chosen for their variety and impact. The organization of the book kept me engaged on many levels at once. It includes helpful historical context, entertaining anecdotes, interesting contributions from local curators, and maps and images spanning the entire canal as it is today. Silber’s story-telling and obvious enjoyment left me imagining I was there with his family on their trip. It’s heartening to learn about an American politician from our past who built this transformational canal despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of 19th century technology, resources, and political will. We should hold our current leaders to the standards of past giants like DeWitt Clinton. — Mitchell Johnson, Amazon review